Bonington Hall

Bonington Hall

Welcome to Bonington Hall - more than just a hall!

We are a 625 strong community and the life of the Sutton Bonington campus at the University of Nottingham. Situated on campus, you are never more than a 5 minute walk from lectures.

We boast a varied community of first years, returners and postgraduates, and put on some of the most memorable parties, including Rumble in the Jungle, Rollerbop and Full Moon party.

At Sutton Bonington, the community extends further than just the people living in halls. The campus community includes everyone who studies at Sutton Bonington campus but doesn't live in halls, bringing our total community up to around 1500. Despite this, you can never walk anywhere without knowing someone, and there will always be great people to talk to.




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Joshua Agathanggelou
Rob Henderson
Ruby-Anne Robertson
Student Activities Admin
Una Lilley
Wellbeing Coordinator
Christina Marie Allan