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Date: Saturday 05 November 2011

Time: midnight - midnight

Location: National Student TV Association

NaSTA Affiliation

Short Description

Click here to affiliate your UK / Ireland Student TV Station with NaSTA


Further Information

This is only to purchased by a Station Manager or Treasurer once per Station.

12 Month Affiliation with NaSTA

This is not an event for students of the University of Nottingham - this is designed for Station Managers / Treasurers from Student TV Stations to affiliate their station with the National Student Television Association.

Sign up here to purchase official NaSTA Affiliation for 2012.

All Student TV Stations accross the UK who wish to be full members of the National Student Television Association need to complete affiliation.

Affiliation fee = £60 + 50p transaction fee

Affiliation entitles you to take a full and active part of NaSTA, to the advice and service of the NaSTA Community and to enter / attend the Conference & Awards weekend on April 20 - 22 2012.