Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

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Date: Tuesday 10 December 2019

Time: 7:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: The Nottingham New Theatre

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

Short Description

Come and enjoy a night of theatre on University Park with student tickets only £5! This new interpretation of Marlowe’s classic play places the events in a neon, dream-like world inspired by 80’s night life.


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Running from Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th December

Alice Howland is a University professor at the peak of her career before she is diagnosed with early- onset Alzheimer’s disease. With a husband and two children, Alice strives to remain as independent as possible despite her deteriorating mental state. The play not only follows Alice’s fluctuating mental state but examines that of her surrounding family who struggle to come to terms with her condition. This play aims to present the experiences and struggles of living with Alzheimer’s, giving the audience a brilliant insight into how both Alice’s and her family’s lives change when Alice’s Alzheimer’s effects both her relationship with herself and those around her.

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