Impact & SPA Media Conference 2017

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Date: Saturday 18 November 2017

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: Portland Building, University of Nottingham

Impact & SPA Media Conference 2017

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The Annual Media Conference is an official Impact Magazine event, run in association with the Student Publication Association as their Midlands regional conference. This runs as part of our year-long work as one of the premier student media outlets in the country, giving students the opportunity to learn from industry experts about what is required to be successful in one of the most competitive careers.

The event encourages anyone looking to go into journalism to explore how to break into a very competitive industry, learning from those who have already successfully done so. It also highlights the strength of university groups to external companies.

Our confirmed speakers:

The Speakers:

Barbara Speed (Opinion Editor, the i)

Barbara studied for a Magazine Journalism MA at City University, London, and has written for The Times, The Guardian, Private Eye, the Evening Standard, Times Higher Education, The Spectator, The Huffington Post, and Vice.

She currently works as the Opinion Editor at the i newspaper, where she also writes about a plethora of different subject areas, whether it is providing a different perspective on whether smartphones are to blame for our isolationist culture, or what happens when you only eat Gregg’s for a week.

She will be running a workshop on Opinion Writing, and helping students to express their ideas in a way that is both engaging and accessible.


Anthony Clavane (Chief Sports Writer, The Sunday Mirror)

Anthony was born in Leeds in 1960, and started life as a history teacher before turning to writing and journalism. He is the author of Promised Land: A Northern Love Story, Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here, and A Yorkshire Tragedy: The Rise and Fall of a Sporting Powerhouse.

Anthony also has experience writing for The Guardian, The Independent, and is the chief sports writer for The Sunday Mirror. He will be running a workshop on sports journalism.


Katie Hind (Daily Mirror, former LA Editor):

Katie is the former LA Editor for Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People and and was Showbiz Editor for the People newspaper for over 6 years before that. She studied at the University of East Anglia, and will be giving a talk on Entertainment Journalism.

Among other things, Katie is a Queens Park Rangers supporters, which I imagine is about as close to a roller-coaster one can get without actually being on one.


Charles Boutaud (Data Journalism, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism):

Charles is a developer-journalist who has experience investigating data for stories using computational method. He won a Canadian Online Publishing Award for his work on public transport data in Montréal with the Huffington Post, Québec.

Charles also studied an MSc in Computational Journalism at Cardiff University, and will be giving a workshop on data journalism.


Brenda Wong (Social Media and Community Manager, Jobbio and Debut)

Brenda is the former Social Media and Community Manager at both Jobbio and Debut, and also writes on your own website:

Brenda also wrote for The Boar, Warwick as a student, and will be giving a talk on Social Media Management.


Structure of Events:

Introduction (10am) - Guests arrive and introductory talk - Keighton Auditorium

Workshop A (10.30-11.30am)

Sports Journalism with Anthony Clavane - Clive Granger A39

Entertainment Journalism with Katie Hind - Clive Granger A40

Workshop B (11.30-12.30pm)

Data Journalism with Charles Boutaud - Clive Granger A39

Freelance Journalism with Russ Swan - Clive Granger A40

Lunch (12.30-1.30pm)


The Studio

Workshop C (1.30-2.30pm)

Social Media Management with Brenda Wong - Clive Granger A39

Opinion Writing with Barbara Speed - Clive Granger A40

Networking (2.30-3.15)

Networking Session

Keighton Auditorium

SPA Regional Awards (3.15-4pm)


Keighton Auditorium