Farne Islands 2020

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Date: Friday 08 May 2020

Time: midnight - midnight

Location: Farne Islands

Farne Islands 2020

Short Description

Farne Islands 2020! Seals, puffins, pufflings, and more!


Further Information

Farne Islands 2020

May 8th - May 10th 2020

Hello Divers!

As you've probably noticed by now, we have a lot of trips on the way! So I'd like announce yet another opportunity to get out and do some diving.

This particular trip will be taking you to the east coast of the UK to the Farne Islands. This beautiful group of islands is located near the Scottish borders and plays host to a wide variety of life both in and out of the water. 

We'll be diving with Billy Shiels out of Seahouses town on their Ocean Explorer boat on both days, returning to Nottingham on Sunday evening. This trip has 12 places maximum.

The price for this trip will be £180 and includes the following:

  • Accomodation for both Friday and Saturday night
  • Dinner on Saturday night
  • Lunch (self assembley sandwiches and crisps)
  • Breakfast
  • All boat fees and cylinder fills
  • Kit van from Nottingham

What this price does not include:

  • Food for Friday night

Transport will be car pools from Nottingham and I am happy to organise this.

The Farne Islands is a club favourite for trips for one very simple reason: grey seals! The Farne Islands are home to a colony of around 6,000 grey seals. These amazing creatures are incredibly inquisitive of divers in the water and give some absolutely unforgettable encounters that just can't be matched in the same way by other dive sites.?

For the ornothologists amongst us, May is peak puffin breeding season. Puffins use the Farne Islands every year to breed before overwintering at sea. In the winter, their bills are a dull grey colour, but during the middle of the year they have the signature colourful, bright bills for all to see. Puffins are an endangered species, but in 2013 the national trust counted 39,962 breeding pairs. So plenty to see above and below the waterline!

Just check out this video from 2014 for a better idea of what you're in for!


If anyone would like to come and has a car to offer up as transport then please reply to this email with how many you could take and when you can leave, I will reserve you a spot. I anticipate we'll need 3 or 4 cars.

Please note that 8th May is a bank holiday this year.

If you have any questions just reply to this email.

Happy diving,

Evan Styles, training officer