BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Championships 2017-2018

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Date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Time: 1pm - 6pm

Location: Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Championships 2017-2018

Short Description

The finest student players from all parts of the UK will compete in both team and individual competitions on behalf of their universities, at the country’s most prestigious English eight-ball pool arena.


Further Information

Be outside Portland steps by 08:50 Weds 21st! (Bus leaves at 9am!)

Arrive back in Nottingham Sunday 25th

You will need:

Essentials (seriously, if you forget any of these you won’t be able to play!)

  • Student ID
  • Cue & chalk
  • Smart black trousers (not jeans material) AND smart black shoes (if you’re not sure if a certain item of yours is acceptable, just send a picture)
  • £20 note for the caravan deposit (you’ll get it back when we leave)


  • Other warm clothes and shoes
  • Sleeping bag, blankets, hot water bottle etc
  • Toiletries, towel
  • Food and drink (although there’s an ASDA nearby and small food stalls in the venue)

Any questions, just ask! Most importantly, have a good time!