The Nottingham Snakebite 2020

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Date: Friday 07 February 2020

Time: 7pm - 5pm

Location: Notts County Sailing Club

The Nottingham Snakebite 2020

Short Description

The Nottingham Snakebite is a 2 day sailing event taking place on the 8th and 9th of February. There will be 24 teams taking part in two days of competitive team racing, in addition to two socials in the centre of Nottingham.


Further Information

Here you can buy the social tickets for your team, please select from the drop down menu the quantity of each social ticket you would like, i.e. six full tickets etc. Tickets can also be bought individually for any last minute social sailors. Please note that in order to make a ticket purchase you will have to make a guest account, the link is below:

Ticket details:

  • Full Social Ticket - Friday and Saturday Socials, including lunch
  • Friday Only - Friday Social, lunch not included
  • Not Friday - Saturday Social, lunch included 
  • Just Lunch - No Socials

Please bring your email receipts along to registration as proof of purchase