Gliding trip to Portmoak (Scotland)

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Date: Saturday 31 March 2018

Time: 9am - 6pm

Location: Portmoak, Scotland

Gliding trip to Portmoak (Scotland)

Short Description

Our annual trip to Scotish Gliding Center in Portmoak! Make the best use of your Easter break by going gliding with us! Amazing site, far different from Cranwell thanks to its ridge you can soar on for hours. Dates: 31st of March till 8th of April


Further Information

Our Anual trip to Portmoak! Oxford, Imperial, Edinburgh universities will be there too! We will be taking at least two our gliders (plus anything Cranwell allows us to) to Scotland! This allows us for hours of flying experience, thanks to the ridge and possibly wave lift! We are sleeping in great cottages with showers, kitchens and comfy beds! They are located in the middle of Scotish coutryside, great for observing stars and sheep. These are very social, living, chilling and cooking together. On the last day we always have a party (other unis are invited as well).

We will arrange your transport by car/van (it is 320miles from Nottingham). We only allow 4 people per car for extra comfort!
In an event of bad weather, we usually go go-karting, bowling, paintballing or visit Edinburgh which is under an hour away. 

Trip costs £150 for early bird with NUGC membership (£160 for later tickets).

This includes transport and accomodation for all days of the trip. You will have to pay for your flying fees (£8.5 per launch plus soaring in Non-NUGC gliders) and food. Beatiful Scotish secery is 100% free of charge ;)

If you do not have one but want to go, contact Michal Cenzartowicz:


-8 days of fun

-£150/£160 accomodation and transport (deal)

-2+ gliders to fly

-12'000 ft is the limit (achieved by many pilots last last year)


There is a limmited amount of spaces to guarantee everyone has flown!