NUCC summer holiday

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Date: Saturday 20 June 2020

Time: 9am - 9pm

Location: St Martin en Vercors

NUCC summer holiday

Short Description

NUCC returns to the Vercors, France! Caving, climbing, via ferrata, and kayaking- all in the beautiful scenery of the French alps. We will be renting a gite in the village of St Martin en Vercors. Speak to committee if not signed off for SRT.


Further Information

We will be driving down to St Martin en Vercors, and staying at La Morandiere ( Come enjoy the beautiful underground formations, or the majestic scenery from a climbing route or via ferrata. This is an opportunity to try some very different cave to those in the UK- these tend to be mostly vertical, and ridiculously pretty! Being vertical it does require participants to be signed off for SRT, if you have not been speak to a member of committee and we will get you up to speed.

Tickets cost £400, will include transport, accomodation, food, caving kit hire etc.

'Hidden' costs

  • You will need to arrange your own travel insurance, covering caving.
  • You will need via ferrata cowstails/climbing harness if you wish to do these activities (may be possible to borrow from other participants if you ask nicely).
  • Kayaking will be through a company, so at extra cost if you wish to go- but there's plenty of other things to keep you busy!

In all it's shaping up to be a really fun trip, talk to Laura or any other committee with any questions


£400.00 (Member)
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