The Netherlands Tour

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Date: Thursday 16 April 2020

Time: noon - noon

Location: The Netherlands

The Netherlands Tour

Short Description

Mussoc are having their annual tour to THE NETHERLANDS this year! We will be staying in Amsterdam with trips to The Hague and Rotterdam. We are taking a choir, orchestra and the alternative music programme. The cost is £365 including transport!


Further Information


Mussoc Tour 2019/2020

This year we will be visiting the Netherlands, we'll be staying at the Amsterdam, with a day trip to The Hague and Rotterdam!

The whole tour costs :£365, including transport, breakfast, excursions (such as the Van Gogh Museum and a Canal Cruise!)

Deposits are due by 10th October
Cost: £80
2nd Payments are due by 6th December
Cost: £120
3rd Payments are due by 10th January
Cost: £165 (will be considerably lower if more than 35 people sign up so get your pals to come along so it's a cheaper tour!!)

This year we are taking:
Alternative Music Programme!!!!

We want to bring more than just classical musicians and make sure that every musicians gets the chance to experience a music tour! We have 3 beautiful venues to play at, and you can get involved in so many ways.

There will be openings for tour conductors for both the choir and orchestra, as well as a space for an MD for the Alternative Music Programme :)

It's going to be such a bloody good time away and tour is the most fun you'll have at uni (aside from binge drinking at ocean) <3

If you're concerned about the price PLEASE MESSAGE ME and I'll see if there's something I can do because I WANT YOU ALL TO COME 


£120.00 (Member)
£165.00 (Final Payment)
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