Mexican Independence - Mezcal Fest!

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Date: Saturday 14 September 2019

Time: 6pm - 2am

Location: Coates Auditorium (6-8pm) Mooch Bar (8pm-2am)- University Park

Mexican Independence - Mezcal Fest!

Short Description

We're super excited organising the celebration for Mexico's Independence Day and along Casa Agave and 400 Rabbits, holding a Mezcal Fest! Traditional Mexican dance performance, 6pm - 8pm Party at Mooch Bar, 8pm - 2am


Further Information

Are you ready to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day? With 22 professional dancers coming straight from Mexico City to perform at The University of Nottingham?... Are you ready to taste REAL mezcal and tequila from Mexico?! Well... here is our Mexican Independence - Mezcal Fest!!!

This great event is organised by the Mexican Society of the University of Nottingham along with our new sponsors Casa Agave and 400 Rabbits... TENEMOS FIESTA!!!!

Event description (September 14):
Your ticket for the Mexican Independence - Mezcal Fest will include TWO great events! :)

Traditional Mexican dance performance at Coates Road Autidotium (6pm - 8pm)

We are delighted to announce that the folklore group Yeilistli will be performing specially for us during this important festivity!!! Want to have a look? :)

Party at Mooch Bar (8pm - 2am)

 After the dance performing, we are moving to Mooch bar! There, mezcal, tequila and cocktails will be available! Your ticket will include a soft / alcoholic drink!!! We will have music, a space to dance, a friendly environment where you will be able to make friends, dance and have a fantastic time!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you there! VIVA MEXICO!!!