Sepandarmazgan (Persian Day of Love)

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Date: Saturday 15 February 2020

Time: 7pm - 11pm

Location: LG18, Trent Building, University Park, NG7 2RD

Sepandarmazgan (Persian Day of Love)

Short Description

Sepandarmazgan (Persian day of Love) is an ancient Iranian celebration. This feast has Zoroastrian roots dates back to Achaemenid Empire. In general, Sepndarmazgan is the symbol of humbleness, modesty and love.


Further Information

Dear friends,

We are going to celebrate Sepandarmazgan (Persian Day of Love) together. This event will take place in Room LG18, Trent Building, University Park, NG7 2RD on Saturday, February 15th. This a great social occasion for us to join in and spend some quality time with friends feasting on snacks and soft drinks. Pick your shoes with careful consideration, as Iranian dance music will be played all night.

Tickets are now available on the University of Nottingham Student Union website. We look forward to seeing you all there.