24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

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Date: Saturday 22 February 2020

Time: 9:30am - 10am

Location: Teaching and Learning Building - Room C14

24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

Short Description

It's back. Can you write, shoot and edit a short film in just one full day? Find out at the event to end all events, the return of the 24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge! All tickets also include pizza for Saturday evening.


Further Information

The 24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge is back! Join Filmmaking Society for the rapid-fire filmmaking event where you can make a short film in just one day!

The theme will be going live and groups will be cracking on at 10am SHARP. Please arrive at the room for 9:30am so we can go through the timetable for the evening, let you get into groups, and take you through some bits of advice for the day ahead before the 24 hours kick off.


Ticket info:

You'll have an option to put down other attending members that you may like to be in a group with. Due to us wanting to create evenly-distributed groups, we cannot guarantee you will be in a group with everyone you put down, but it will influence how we form the filmmaking crews.

On Saturday evening we will be having pizza! Please put your choice of topping on the relevant ticket option.

On your ticket application, please put down as many roles as you might like to take (e.g. Director, Writer, Lighting, Acting etc, not just "everything") as this makes it easier for us to create balanced groups while still keeping people with their friends as much as possible.

Tickets will be going offline on Wednesday 19th February!


We hope to see you there!