Exams and Assessments Prep Peer Support

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Date: Monday 09 December 2019

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Location: Humanities A01

Exams and Assessments Prep Peer Support

Short Description

Never taken a university exam before? Want to refresh your memory from last year? Unsure about what is being asked of you? Come along to hear personal advice from third-year students with input from staff who set and mark exams.


Further Information

Come and hear from third years, with input provided from members of staff (not present) about exams and assessments. We could be of help for modules we've taken that run again like beginner's languages, ESS, Interpreting modules, and more! Includes a run-through of general exam guidance and tips from lecturers.

(Note: this is information compiled through a combination of personal experiences and official channels of information so your mileage may vary!)