Wacky Scientist Bar Crawl Part 2

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Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020

Time: 7pm - 3am

Location: NG1

Wacky Scientist Bar Crawl Part 2

Short Description

Wacky Scientist Bar Crawl with the participation of all science societies!


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There comes a time when every man and woman must ask not what their society can do for them but what they can do for their society. That day is now upon us, as the scientists take to the streets again until only one science remains as the best science in Nottingham!

Want to prove your science can topple the big dogs? Then grab your dissection kit, pick up your Bunsen burner, gather your strongest acids and put on your lab coat. It’s going to be huge, and to prevent any friendly fire you should dress in your science’s colour/theme – the wackier the better.

Don’t just do this for yourself, don’t just do this for your society, do it for Darwin, Einstein, Tesla, Fleming, Pavlov, Pythagoras, Curie, Boot, Babbage, Watson or Crick, the men and women who have given their lives’ work to put you in the position you’re in now. But most of all do it for every aspiring scientist who will follow in your footsteps and will look back at this night and say “that was the night I knew I wanted to be a scientist!"

Bar Times

8.30pm - ROUTE ONE


10pm - SQUARES

10.45pm - BAA BAR

11.30pm - NG1