FIFA 19 Playstation (PS4) Tournament

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Date: Thursday 13 December 2018

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Location: [ALT] Gaming Lounge - 7 George St, Nottingham NG1 3BH

FIFA 19 Playstation (PS4) Tournament

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Happening Thursday 13th of December... 

Join UoN ArabSoc, SaudiSoc & Trent ArabSoc in a FIFA 19 gaming tournament!


1st place: £50 and a trophy

2nd place: £30

3rd place: Get the participation fees back

Participation fees: £4 online before 12th December (Link below) and £5 on the event day as long as you send us your name by 1pm.

When: Thursday 13th December 

Where: ALT Gaming Lounge (7 George St, Nottingham NG1 3BH)

Time: 5:00 pm


Rules of the game:

The tournament will be a single-elimination tournament except the final and semi-final games there will be a home and away matches

Each half will be 4 minutes long and the settings of the game will be set to default unless both players agree on playing in other setting



see you all soon!!??


£4.00 (Ticket)
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