Chicken Wing Challenge

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Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019

Time: 6pm - 10pm

Location: BUNK 3, Wollaton Street, Nottingham

Chicken Wing Challenge

Short Description

Can you handle the heat? Enjoy buckets of chicken wings and drinks, working your way up to the notorious Naga Viper Chilli sauce! Vegetarian alternatives available.


Further Information


Are you up to the challenge?

Join us at BUNK for buckets of chicken wings, seasoned from plain, fried deliciousness through to the notorious Naga Viper chilli sauce! Servings of assorted wings are included with the ticket price and vegetarian alternatives are available on request.

All those who attempt the Naga Viper will get a commemorative PGES Certificate of Dominance, and as always there will be games throughout the night!


Please be careful with the wings, they really are very hot. Look after yourselves and be sensible, if you have something too hot or feel unwell do tell us!