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Date: Saturday 15 February 2020

Time: 9:30am - 7:30pm

Location: Coventry University

HackSoc Storms CovHack

Short Description

CovHack is a free 24hr student hackathon, organised by Coventry University’s Hackathon Society We're hiring transport to and from the event subsidized by the Faculty of Science Student Experience Fund!


Further Information

CovHack 2020 is the last major student hackathon in the midlands in the spring 2020 season. Details of the event can be found at covhack.org

To improve the accessibility of this event we've partnered up with the Facutly of Science Student Experience Fund to subsidise the cost of a coach hire.

We'll be leaving from the Jubilee Campus Exchange Building bus stops on Saturday the 15th of February, and returning in the evening (arond 19:30) on Sunday the 16th of February.

Prepaid tickets are required to travel on the hired transport.