Pot n Kettle Trip

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Date: Wednesday 14 March 2018

Time: 1:30pm - 4:45pm

Location: Pot 'N' Kettle Ceramic Cafe 115 High Road, NG9 2LH Beeston, Nottinghamshire

Pot n Kettle Trip

Short Description

SB Art Soc are going to the Pot n Kettle to enjoy an afternoon of ceramic pottery painting. Anyone is welcome to join us as you simply pay for what you paint. Your creation will then be glazed and we will have them for you to collect 1 week later.


Further Information

Join SB Art Soc on their annual trip to a ceramic painting studio, The Pot n Kettle. We'll be getting the bus from SB at 1:45pm, or you can meet us at East drive at 2:15pm. We will then walk to the Pot and Kettle in Beeston (15min walk). You can choose an item to paint, all of which vary in price from £5-£20ish. (Sorry this is not funded by Art Soc, unless you were the lucky winner of our logo competition!) There is lots to choose from like mugs, plates, money boxes, little ornaments or plain blank slates for you to add your own creative designs on. Once you're done, the studio will fire and glaze it and we will hopefully have them ready for you to collect about 1 week later at a subsequent art soc meeting! We have reserved a space from 2:30pm- 4:30pm so we hope to have any first years back in time for dinner on SB, or why not grab a burger from Mooch afterwards? 
We need an idea of how many people are coming and we will need an emergency contact number to cover our health and safety regulations. Please email Kate (stykam) if you are hoping to join us with a contact number or tell us at one of our Art Soc meetings. This event is not just for members so invite your friends and flatmates, just let us know beforehand who's coming so we can get their emergency contact number. It doesnt matter if you then cant make it on the day, but it's better for us have your info in advance.