Intercultural Fashion Show

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Date: Saturday 17 March 2018

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: Atrium - Portland, University Park

Intercultural Fashion Show

Short Description

Join us for an evening rich with fashion, culture, music and talent! Your chance to explore different traditions and meet people from all over the globe.


Further Information

As part of the international week celbration (12th - 17th March, 2018), the Ghanaian Society in collaboration with th Arab, Bengali, Filipino, Indian, Nigerian, Afghan Societies and the SU international network present to you a night of glamorous culture, fashion and entertainment. The evening is filled with a display of fashion from all over the world and a stream of captivating entertaining acts you don't want to miss out.  And ends in an interactive closing reception providing an opportunity to network. 

Fashion is glamorous but when mixed with culture that's a whole new level of glamour! It's your choice to put on that glamorous outfit or amazing cultural attire fit for the red carpet! The cameras will be there! Don't miss out of this rare opportunity. Grab your ticket before they run out.