FAVS Congress 2020

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Date: Friday 31 January 2020

Time: 6pm - 6pm

Location: Vet School

FAVS Congress 2020

Short Description

This year we're excited to be hosting FAVS Congress - A weekend of farm-related practicals and talks and a Saturday night ball!


Further Information

FAVS Congress 2020 is being held at the vet school! Farm-keen vet students from every vet school in the country will be at Nottingham over the weekend of the 1st of Feb. We have two full days of practicals and talks lined up:

  • Practicals include: Post-mortem demonstration, foot trimming, Ram MOT, Dairy Centre farm walk, Cow painting, Young stock and Nutrition workshops, and many more!
  • Talks include: Tackling Neospora, Camelid health, Pathology Quiz, Flock Health, and Careers Talk

IMPORTANT - We have run out of non-hosting tickets so if you live on campus and have not already reserved a place please DO NOT buy a ticket!

If you live off campus you will be expected to host two or three students from other universities.

If you have any questions or queries get in touch with your FAVS team - Ben: svybw1@nottingham.ac.uk or Jenny: svyjkh@nottingham.ac.uk
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