The Ward Round 2018 - Nutrition and Dietetics

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Date: Thursday 15 November 2018

Time: 8pm - 3am

Location: Nottingham City Centre

The Ward Round 2018 - Nutrition and Dietetics

Short Description

The Ward Round Bar crawl (NDS) *Advise people to get the 19:00 hopper from SB*


Further Information

The Ward Round is back! Someone call 999!


We need all the Medics, Nurses & Midwives, Vets and Nutritionists and Dieticians to hit the streets of Nottingham!


Grab your cannulas and stethoscopes, prepare them diet plans, wrap up those bandages and load up the tranquillizer, as on Thursday 15th November we are about to find out which society dominates the hospital in THE WARD ROUND.


Medics, you want to rule the hospital so you had better prove you can rule the streets. Nurses and Midwives, feeling under appreciated and over worked? Time to show how much any hospital needs you, do it for Florence Nightingale and everything she has done for you!


Dietitians and Nutritionists, you need to lead by example and prescribe lashings of ethanol-based liquid medicine.


Vets, who says animals aren’t as important as humans. It’s time to show just how wild these animals are.


Pharmacists, its time to put aside the BNF and calculate the optimum serum c2h5oh levels, just make sure to get the loading dose right!


The rivalry between the Hospital Ward professions is no secret and we will soon find out which society: Is the best society in the ward? Are the biggest party animals? Wears the trousers and pulls the strings? And who is just a waste of space, lying in the lowly leagues with homeopathy? It’s going to be huge, and to prevent any friendly fire you need to dress in your profession’s colours/theme – the crazier the better, so you know who is on your team.


The colours are: MEDSOC – BLUE NURSES & MIDWIVES - (tba) PHARMACISTS - GREEN VETS - ANIMAL NUTRISIONISTS AND DIETITIANS - FRUIT & VEG The bars / challenges that will decide the Hospital pecking order will be announced soon.


Tickets are £6 and gets you: - Free entry to all bars - Entertainment and competitions in each bar from NBE reps to see who is the best healthcare subject. - Free shot in every bar (with first drink purchased) - Entry to YOYO Thursday The time to act is now. Your society needs you. Check your society Facebook groups or on the event wall to find out more info about tickets and the event.