Medsoc Halfway there ball

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Date: Saturday 23 February 2019

Time: 7:30am - 11:30am

Location: Nottingham Belfrey Hotel

Medsoc Halfway there ball

Short Description

Join us for this year's Halfway Ball which will be held at Nottingham Belfrey Hotel!


Further Information

Calling all 3rd Year Medical Students!

There comes a time in every medical student's career when the end starts to come into sight and we get closer to the finish than to the start.

We have conquered the 9am lectures (until we learnt they were recorded), crammed exams the night before (and swore never to do so again knowing full well we will), had unrealistic expectations of our productivity on a Saturday morning (thank you Ocean), stomached dissection (and somehow passed anatomy!), written more words that our MCQs could have prepared us for in our Dissertations (and lived to tell the tale) and now its time to celebrate!

Included in the ticket price will be:

- A 3 course meal
- Red Carpet and drink on arrival
- Half a bottle of wine (and non-alcoholic options also)
- Music playing throughout the night
- Photo Booth and photographer
- Transport from the venue to the after party/ home

There will also be an option to purchase an after party ticket at Pompom!

See you there!