Varsity Super Wednesday (Trent)

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Date: Wednesday 02 May 2018

Time: noon - 6pm

Location: Various

Varsity Super Wednesday (Trent)

Short Description

Want to go to Varsity - can’t decide which event to see? Join us on Weds 2nd May for trampolining, tennis, wheelchair basketball, equestrian, handball, dodgeball and athletics all on the same day!


Further Information

• Alcohol is not permitted in or on any NTU Sport facilities.
• Bag Checks will be in place.
Please note that the venues do have a limit on capacity so please turn up early to avoid disappointment.
• Facilities may be busy and loud depending on the type of event taking place.
• If you require any assistance NTU Sport Staff members will be more than happy to help.
• Drinking fountains are in place and require you to bring a water bottle.
• Refreshments are available via our Vending machines


Travelling to LWSC, Tennis Centre, Cricket Pitch & 3G Pitch
Campus Map Attached – Areas of play directed.

Buses to Lee Westwood Sports Centre will leave East Drive, University Park at 11.00am and The Savoy at 11.15am.

Buses from Lee Westwood Sports Centre will leave at 4.45pm and drop off at East Drive, University Park and The Savoy.

By Bus
The Go2 Uni 4 runs between the City & Clifton Campuses. The service leaves Burton Street (adjacent to the Corner House) up to every 7 minutes for Clifton Campus, via Upper Parliament Street and the railway station.
The campus bus stop is by main gate. There is a direct pedestrian route through the centre of campus to the Sports Facilities, roughly 3 or 4 minutes away.
The NCTX 1 leaves the Market Square, Beastmarket Hill, stop B2, roughly every 15 minutes. The bus stops right outside campus on the A453 with a short walk across the road to Main Gate. Once on campus please follow the directions on the below map to the required facility.
By Car & Parking
Clifton Campus is located on the A453, Clifton Lane. There is limited on-site parking available. Enter the Campus via the Main Gate. The parking attendants will be on hand to direct visitors to the Lee Westwood Sports Centre accessible car park.
By Taxi
As above Taxi’s will enter via Main Gate and the parking attendants will direct round to the drop off point outside the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.
Lee Westwood Sports Centre (Archery, Trampolining, Wheelchair Basketball, Dodgeball)
1. Enter via the main revolving door or the accessible door at the front of the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.
2. Approach the bag check station at the turnstile.
3. At the turnstile turn right, follow the corridor to the bottom and turn left for the stairs and right for the lift.
4. Take either to the viewing gallery to spectate your chosen sport.

Lee Westwood Sports Centre Toilets & Changing (all accessible)
5. Return to the reception and turnstile area.
6. Approach the vending machines.
7. Toilets and changing are directly on the right.

Tennis Centre
1. Following the campus map approach the Tennis Centre and the doors will automatically open.
2. Entry is directly into the viewing area where a bag check table

Tennis Centre Toilets & Changing
1. Exit the Tennis Centre via the main automatic door.
2. The toilets and changing are directly on your left in the Clubhouse. These are clearly labelled.

3G Pitch – Ultimate Frisbee
1. Using the campus map, approach the Tennis Centre.
2. At the Tennis Centre turn right and then directly left.
3. Follow the path to the bottom and enter the viewing area for the 3G pitch.
4. Toilets and changing are located back at the Clubhouse and are clearly labelled.


Event Comp Start     

Comp Finish    

Tennis 12.00 16.30 NTU Tennis Centre
Trampolining 12.00 14.45 LWSC Court A
Archery 12.00 14.45 LWSC Court B
Dodgeball 15.00 16.30 LWSC Court A
Wheelchair Basketball 15.00 16.30 LWSC Court B
Ultimate Frisbee 12.00 14.00 3G
Horseball 11.30 13.30 Long Lane