Disabled Students' Network Committee Election 2018-19

This is an election for the Disabled Students' Network.

The polls have closed.

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Accesibility Coordinator

Responsible for liaising with disabled students to relay any information about temporary physical access issues. They should collate the information they receive from students about temporary access issues to keep a record. The accessibility coordinator shall work with the Disabled Students’ Officer and campaigns coordinator to promote better physical access to the university through the ongoing accessibility project as well as other relevant campaigns.
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Campaigns Coordinator (2 places)

Responsible for building ongoing campaigns relevant to the Network and setting up and/or supporting new ones.
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Disabled Students' Conference Delegate (2 places)

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Events Coordinator (2 places)

Responsible for organising social events for the Network both involving other student groups and solely for the Network. These events shall comply with the accessibility ethos. They shall be responsible for online promotion and liaising with the publicity secretary for the creation and distribution of hardcopy materials where needed.
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Publicity Officer

Responsible for promoting the Network throughout all parts of the University and promoting internal events, campaigns and activities to the Network online and in hardcopy if needed.
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Shall handle all financial affairs of the Network and the Committee; and will further be in charge of keeping track of money acquired through fundraising. Cannot be in their final year at the university.
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