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Communications Coordinator

Shall be responsible for assisting Committee and other Network members in the promotion and publicity of their events and/or campaigns; shall be in charge of and regularly update social media accounts; and shall be responsible for the creation of any posters, flyers, social media events, or other promotional material. Designs and manages the webpage; liaises with Cultural and National Societies.
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Events Coordinator (2 places)

Shall be in charge of planning and organising events created by the Network Committee; and shall aid other Committee members as well as Active and Inactive members of the Network to make their ideas of events into reality, if possible; and be the Committee’s main liaison with the SU Events Department.
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General Secretary

Shall be responsible for taking minutes in Committee meetings; and organise room bookings for Committee meetings and other events; and if the International Students’ Officer(s) cannot attend Committee meeting the General Secretary shall chair the meeting.
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Sports Coordinator

Coordinator of the Network's teams; responsible for encouraging formation of new teams where possible, responsible for organising ISN sporting events when needed. Responsible for attending meetings of the Students’ Union Sports Executive Committee on behalf of the Network
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Shall handle all financial affairs of the Network and the Committee; and will further be in charge of keeping track of money acquired through fundraising.
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Welfare Coordinator

responsible for liaising with the International Office and Students’ Union Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer; the Network's representor on all matters concerning the welfare and well-being of International Students within the Students’ Union.
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