Every course across the University has a student Course Rep to represent your views about your academic experience to the staff in your school/department/division.They attend regular meetings of your school/department/division’s Learning Community Forum (LCF) where they are able to influence positive change to your course based on what students want!

Become a Rep

Also, you can become a Course Rep and help shape the direction of your teaching and learning experience! Elections for undergraduate and postgraduate Course Rep positions take place in October and are currently over for the 2015/16 academic year. Check back at the beginning of 2016/17 to find out how you can become a Course Rep! 

Speak to your Rep


Your Reps want to hear your views on anything to do with your course or academic experience, so seek them out and tell them what you think!  They may provide suggestion boxes for your comments, offer drop-in sessions or distribute questionnaires for you to complete.  

Remember - if you don't tell your Rep what's wrong, then they can't help you fix it.  Your Rep can help you to make change, and will also be able to signpost you to other University/ Students' Union services that may be able to assist you.

Contact Your Rep

If you are unsure who your Course Rep is, please contact sucoursereps@nottingham.ac.uk or visit the Representation Development office on B Floor, Portland Building, University Park.


Contact Details

Students' Union
Portland Building
University Park
Opening hours

9am - 5pm
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