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The Students'  Union's Education Network is a collection of almost 900 student academic reps underpinned by the Education and Postgraduate Officers. The network serves to represent and advocate for all students and their interests regarding their academic experience at the University of Nottingham, bringing about changes based on what students want and ensuring that students’ views and opinions are included and heard in University decisions about education policy at all levels.

Academic Representation

Education Network Structure



We have over 800 undergraduate and postgraduate Course Reps across the University. They are extremely important to all students and are an integral part of the Students’ Union as they represent all of their course mates and influence changes at their school, department, or division's Learning Community Forum (LCF).  The Students’ Union Officers and staff fully support, train, and develop these reps as well as consulting them on important decisions the University wants to make to ensure that they are the best for all students across the University!


For Undergraduates, we also have 44 School Education Reps who are elected to lead and support all of the UG Course Reps in their school/department/division in successfully influencing change and represent UGs at Teaching and Learning Committees. School Education Reps are also the vital link between Course Reps and the Students' Union Education Officer, who they meet with regularly to make sure that the university-wide decisions they are invloved in making are good for the students that they represent and tackle any widely-felt issues raised by Course Reps that remain unresolved through the LCF. 


In addition, we have ten members of the Postgraduate Sounding Board - one for Taught Postgrads and one for Research Postgrads from each of the University's 5 faculties. They work with the Postgraduate Officer to represent the views of Postgraduates within their faculties and inform decision making within the Students' Union and University.

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