Moving In Guide

Whether it’s your first house or your third, moving into a new place is
an exciting time.

Here are a few important things to consider to make it as simple as possible, before you throw your moving in party, or decide where to keep your year’s supply of pasta and rice…

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Must Have...

  • Your signed tenancy agreement Students' Union Advice can advise you on your contract and your housing rights. Find out how here.
  • Your moving in checklist
  • Your house keys – or information for collecting them.
  • Information on your deposit protection scheme.

Must Do...

  • Check the supplied inventory is accurate on arrival. If you haven’t got one, ask for one or download one here.
  • Take time stamped photos of any scuffs, marks, damages in the property-don’t pay for damage you didn’t cause.
  • Is anything broken? Make a note and find out when your landlord can fix it.

Life Essentials

  • Are your bills covered as part of your rent? If not, check this guide to finding the best price.
  • Ensure that everyone’s names are on bills, so you’re all responsible for payments. More advice can be found here.
  • Sort out who is responsible for the cleaning - a cleaning rota can be a great way of dividing your household chores.
  • Record your meter readings on arrival, don’t pay for someone else’s usage!

Be Safe...

  • Do you need contents insurance, or are you covered by an existing policy?
  • Is there storage available for your car/bike?
  • Do you have contact details for your landlord?
  • Check your burglar alarm works.
  • Have you seen your Gas Safe certificate?
  • Sign up to the Safer Taxi Scheme – see here

The Rest...

  • Check your local bin collection schedule, or sign up for alerts
  • Make sure you pay your rent on time to avoid late payment charges.Know how to report issues to your landlord, and always do it in writing.

And Relax...

If any problems arise during this hectic time, Students’ Union Advice have a team of dedicated Housing Experts who are here to help. They’re here to advise on the issues mentioned above and any more you might encounter during your time here at University.

0115 846 8730