Suicidal Thoughts

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Having suicidal thoughts?

Everyone feels overwhelmed or low from time to time. Sometimes there’s a reason, like moving to a new place, trying to make friends or uni work, but often there isn’t one. And that’s ok. You’re not alone.

Sometimes being inside our own heads is the scariest place of all. But you don’t have to suffer. Anyone can feel this way at any time and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Suicide is a scary word, and it can be tough to talk about. Admitting how you’re feeling is often the hardest thing to do. But don’t be afraid to talk. Whether it’s to your friends, your tutor, your parents or a counsellor, there’s always someone here to listen, and to help you.

Talk to someone. The world is much better with you in it.

Are you worried about one of your friends?

Are they acting differently? Have they stopped doing things they normally enjoy? Then it’s time to start a conversation.

Suicide is a difficult subject, but just taking the time to ask someone how they’re feeling, and really listening to their answer, can make all the difference. Samaritans have some really useful tips about how to get that conversation started here

After you've spoken to them it's important to check how they are feeling and help them to get professional support. Here are some places you could look: 

Samaritans The Tomorrow Project Papyrus Hope Line UK Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Find support for yourself or someone close to you by accessing the university help pages or the following sites: