Should there be a wider range of lunch options for special dietary requirements?

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Using a meal card at lunchtime already limits lunch options. Let alone having special dietary needs. The current options for gluten free lunch are an expensive salad from Starbucks or the gluten free rolls stocked at the baguette bar or the juice bar. However there are only a few of those available,, and if there are none left (which happens often) the only other option for lunch is crisps and other junk  food. There are obviously enough students who are gluten free to have these sell out each day, so why not have other options, or simply MORE! 


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Adam Richard Jasko
6:15am on 17 Mar 14 I think the campus is getting a but better at this (for example the dinners in halls now have very clear colour-coded dietry requirements labelling as opposed to just v for vegi) but a lot more could be done
Maisie Woodward
12:29pm on 28 Nov 13 I'm a vegetarian and had to completely cut lactose out of my diet for the last month - which essentially made me vegan. There are probably more dairy-free options than gluten-free options, but I still found it difficult to find a substantial lunch on the University Park campus, and there isn't much in the way of choice. The unclear labeling on a lot of food didn't help. I'm glad that I'm self-catered - having to find breakfast and dinner on campus as well would be a nightmare!
Scott Jennings
10:46pm on 27 Nov 13 100% yes, this Uni is appaling at catering for dietary requirements and preferances. Part of this comes from there is no system that holds the hall kitchens to account for the slop they provide and the rest is the private firms on campus who couldn't care less. Those few student run locations we have,we no democratic control over when it should be direct democracy that dictates what is sold on campus and provided in the halls.

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